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FAQs: Get the skinny on StixFresh.  

Along with a ton of interest, we’ve gotten A TON OF QUESTIONS. So we thought we’d clear a few things up with answers to some FAQs:

How does StixFresh even work?

The StixFresh sticker’s all-natural coating, made up of specially sourced wax and other natural ingredients, creates a protective layer around your fruit. Our research has shown that by slowing down the ripening process, StixFresh can extend the freshness of many fruits by up to 14 days. These same studies show that fruits treated with the StixFresh sticker have increased sweetness, higher retention of moisture, as well as sustained cellular structure resulting in increased firmness. Science is pretty cool.

Does StixFresh work on all fruit?

StixFresh has been tested to work on apples, pears, avocados, dragon fruits, kiwis, mangoes, oranges and other citrus goodies. And we’re always working towards adding to the list. We hope you’ll experiment with StixFresh stickers in your home and let us know what you find out!

Why doesn't StixFresh work on more veggies?

Our continuing goal is to develop new formulations that will be as effective on all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Stick with us, we’ll get there someday.

When will you add more fruits to your approved list?

This is precisely what keeps us busy in the lab each day. We’re relentlessly working to improve and expand our formulations so we can add more fruits to the list.

Is StixFresh safe? Any harmful ingredients on the sticker?

Our mission is to always use all-natural, chemical-free, totally safe ingredients to keep your fruit fresh longer. Rest assured, the ingredients used in StixFresh meet GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) requirements in accordance with the FDA.

When does the sticker get applied? 

One of the many benefits of StixFresh stickers is that they can be applied anywhere along the post-harvest process — packaging, shipping, distribution, retail, and even in your own kitchen.  

When should I take the sticker off? 

We recommend keeping the sticker on your fruit until just before you're ready to eat it.

Should I purchase produce ripe or still green? 

Our studies have shown it’s best to apply StixFresh stickers when the fruit is green, or at least early in its ripening stage. 

How much longer will my produce last? 

With StixFresh stickers, we expect your fruit’s shelf life to be extended by 2 to 4 times longer.

Does fruit ripen with the sticker on?

Yes, fruit continues to ripen while the sticker is on it. Our studies have shown that the natural ingredients in StixFresh inhibit bacterial growth, slowing down spoilage and over-ripening.

Can I reuse the sticker?

We do not recommend re-using the sticker. Once the sticker has been removed it may not stick to your next piece of fruit. It’s best to apply a fresh new sticker to each new piece of fruit.

How long will the formulation last on the sticker?

In our industry, this is referred to as “shelf life”. Initial studies have shown that once the sticker is removed from its packaging, it could last up to several weeks. We are conducting additional testing to achieve better data around the shelf life of the stickers. We’re also working to optimize the formulation for increased shelf life.

I just ate part of the sticker… should I be worried?

No worries at all. StixFresh is made of all-natural ingredients which meet GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) requirements in accordance with the FDA. You’ll be just fine.

How did you guys come up with StixFresh idea anyways?

It all started in a rural community an hour south of Kuala Lumpur where Zhafri Zainudin developed a passion for finding natural solutions to problems faced by his friends and neighbors. One such friend who owned a tropical fruit stand was frustrated with the amount of product he would lose to spoilage. Zhafri wanted to find a solution that was simple and non-invasive. Since almost every fruit already has a sticker on it, he wondered why not use the sticker to deliver the solution. This way, his solution wouldn’t add an extra step or require a large capital investment to implement. He would simply improve what currently existed. After hundreds of iterations and tests, he finally found a formula that worked. StixFresh was born!

StixFresh is pretty cool. How can I get involved?

We just launched our first-ever crowdfunding campaign to find people who share our passion and vision for reducing food waste all around the world. If you’re one of these people, you can join the fight for freshness by supporting the campaign and sharing the amazing StixFresh technology with all your friends and family.  Visit us on Indiegogo to make a purchase. 

Where can I get my own mango costume?

Heck, you can get darn near anything online these days. :)

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